Wednesday, August 23, 2006


My sister from GA flew into DC last night so I decided to head down there yesterday evening to meet up with her & my other sister for dinner with the intent of returning to Philly tomorrow morning in time for work. However, there were problems with planes/trains/automobiles so she didn't end up dining with us and arrived around midnight. I decided that I'd take the next day off to have lunch with her and also enjoy an unharried evening out tonight with my best gals. I spent this morning shopping for an outfit (and doling out cash I should not be spending!) so I could pop straight into work tomorrow morning without going home to change first. Priorities, priorities. (Don't worry, I'm an excellent bargain hunter.) I feel like a schlub for skipping out on work but the chance to spend time with my sisters is well worth any negative consequences. (Well, ask me again when I'm unemployed & homeless, trolling the trash bins for dinner.) Byah!!

Note: To fend off a little of my self-imposed guilt, I did spend an hour or so writing a few cover letters for some DC jobs. So there.


At Thu Aug 24, 08:34:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, what's better than having dinner and a beer out on the patio in a foggy bottom hole-in-the-wall, laughing at your dancing niece's antics and the prospect of teaching her the 'butterflies' ditty, and enjoying a succulent crab feast with your seesters? hmmm...maybe it WILL come back to haunt you when you're dumpster diving. hee haw.


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